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our products

Water Source One offers:

Purified Drinking Water
Drinking Water
Distilled Water
Spring Water
Italian Sparkling Water
Italian Still Water
Kid Pure Fluoridated Water
Ready to Drink Teas
Juice and Juice Drinks
Energy Drinks
Enhanced Waters


our packaging

Full Array of PET Packages.

PET Packages In Registered Printed Film With Sport Or Flat Caps:

PET Bottled Water

8oz                            6-pk
.5 Liter                      8-pk
20 oz                        12-pk
24 oz                         24-pk
1.0 Liter                    32-pk
1.5 Liter                    35-pk

Bulk Bottled Water

3-1, 4-1, 6-1 Gallon HDPE & 1.0 Gallon PET
2-2.5 Gallon
3 and 4 gallon PET, non-returnable bottle for water coolers

Functional Beverages


In a variety of packs and sizes.